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“Life is time and the specialization is our force and your guarantee”.
This saying is the best way to introduce ourselves and our machines. In the aluminium frames production we put on the line our chances. We know very good this field as we are operating there since 1980.

The structure of ATLA Coop consists of an organization with seat in Italy, in Tuscany, a few kilometers from Florence and includes marketing, production, research and development, quality control, design, customer service, post-sale assistance. This structure is conceived in order not to waste our experience and that of our customers. The customer service consists of highly expert persons able to forward all necessary knowledge to our commercial partners.

We are manufacturer of crimping machines.
In this field we have reached an extraordinary experience being able to join the productivity and innovation in an advantageous balance of the customers requirements. The wide range of our products proves this favourable condition. We are the main machines manufacturer in Europe. Our products range covers all requiremenst of the customers and we are on excellent terms with them.

The customers of Atla Coop are in Europe, in Saudi Arabia, EAU, Canada, USA and Korea.

In the field of machines and tools for production of aluminium frames we have in Italy another branch, which operates directly with the end users. In this business we manage about 1000 customers and we represent the main Italian machines manufacturers.

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